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A high wear resistant steel


Creusabro is quench and tempered wear plate available in 400HB (4800) and 500HB (8000) grades.

C4800 Lined Clamshell

C8000 Screw Flight

C4800 Dust Cyclone for
Tomago Aluminium



CREUSABRO® 4800(P) is a high wear resistant steel, offering a 50% extra in service life compared to a conventional 400 HB water quenched.

Improved properties of CREUSABRO® 4800(P) are the result of the combination of an enriched analysis (chromium, molybdenum and titanium) and specific heat treatment procedures.

More than hardness, the wear resistance of CREUSABRO® 4800(P) is based on:

  • a very fine distribution of chromium, molybdenum, and titanium microcarbides
    reinforcing the microstructure with the same principal as composite materials.
  • very efficient work hardening capability in service, coming from a metallurgic effect
    called “TRIP effect” (TRansformation Induced by Plasticity).
  • Reinforcement of the grain structure with titanium carbides.

Together with its high wear properties, CREUSABRO® 4800(P) exhibits very good aptitude to processing. Especially, the limited hardness in delivery condition, strongly facilitates processing operations like cutting, machining and forming.

Application markets of CREUSABRO® 4800(P) are: mines, quarries, cement industries, steel making, public works - It can be used in all environments, sliding, impact abrasion, in dry, wet or hot conditions (350°C max).




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CREUSABRO® 8000(P) is a high performance wear resistant steel, exhibiting a wear resistance 50% higher than that of conventional 500 HB water quenched steel.

CREUSABRO® 8000(P) uses an innovative concept, based on a unique combination of chemical analysis and heat treatment procedures (oil quenching). This confers to the steel an improved wear resistance by the contribution of:

  • a very fine distribution of chromium and molybdenum microcarbides reinforcing the
    microstructure with the same principal as composite materials.
  • a very efficient work hardening capability in service, coming from a metallurgic effect
    called TRIP effect (TRansformation Induced by Plasticity).

In addition to its high wear resistance, CREUSABRO® 8000(P) still maintains a very good aptitude to processing, far better than that of other 500 HB water quenched steels. CREUSABRO® 8000(P) offers the best possible optimization of an exceptional wear resistance and a very acceptable workability.

Creusabro® Dual is a new, advanced, high performance grade of abrasion resistant steel dedicated to severe impact and sliding wear conditions in service. Thanks to its outstanding wear resistance, use can be considered in applications where conventional water quenched steels
(500HB, 550HB), hard faced plates, or cast wear parts are traditionally used.

Creusabro® Dual advanced properties have been created using an innovative metallurgical concept, based on a unique combination of chemical analysis and heat treatment procedures (oil quenching),
which reduces the level of residual stresses encountered with drastic quenching methods such as water.


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Base Material

Duaplate is a clad plate manufactured by welding a abrasion resistant material to a steel base. The standard base material is AS3678-1990-250 (ASTM-A36) steel this can be changed to your specification.

OVERLAY MATERIAL Complies with the requirements of AS2576-2355 The overlay material is known as austenitic chromium carbide iron. The microstructure of this material consists of primary M7C3 carbides in a eutectic matrix of austenite and carbide.

Duaplate is available in a range of grades to suit general abrasion, high abrasion, high impact, and high temperatures.

Good general abrasion resistance is proved by the hard chromium carbides protecting the matrix from abrasive wear.

5on8 Head End Clamshell fabricated from Duaplate



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Vidaplate is a wholly Australian invented hard surfacing process giving a true chromium carbide surface on a structural grade steel backing plate.

Vidaplate users benefit by spending less on wear plate; reducing down time and minimizing lost production.

Vidaplate in Construction

Construction work of all types involves earthmoving, digging, grading, scraping, meaning constant wear problems on equipment.

Abrasion, impact and erosion all reduce the working life of buckets, blades, truck bodies, causing downtime and lost production.

This means that effective wear protection is an investment making a positive contribution to productivity and profit. Vidaplate is such an investment. Its chromium carbide overlay on a mild steel base gives long lasting protection from abrasion with easy fabrication and fitting.

It can be supplied from the factory as kits, pre-cut to fit most buckets, dozer blades or truck bodies. Either way Vidiplate will give long lasting wear at an economical cost..

Vidaplate in Coal Preparation

Digging, crushing, screening and washing – all part of coal preparation and all causing wear to equipment. Vidaplate chromium carbide overlay plate can significantly cut down wear problems. It consists of fine grain carbides on a mild steel backing plate and offers excellent cost effectiveness. Vidaplate has been shown to outlast mild steel 12 times and AR plate up to 5 times in the most highly abrasive areas. It can be used simply as liners or used with the mild steel backing to fabricate complete components.

Vidaplate in Ore Processing

All forms of mining and mineral processing suffer from severe wear problems. Vidaplate chrome carbide overlay plate has been effective world-wide in combating this problem in all kinds of operations: Iron Ore, Coal Mining, cement Productions, Steel Works. Its fine grain nodular carbide structure has been specifically formulated to give the most effective wear resistance available; the mild steel base plate gives the toughness and resilience in medium impact situations – together, they offer the user a wear plate giving high abrasion resistance with ease of fabrication.

Vidaplate in Cement Manufacture

From excavator bucket liners digging the raw limestone, to the final discharge pipe of the finished product, Vidaplate is indispensable in cement producing plants.

Screens, bins, blenders, chutes, fan blades all suffer sever abrasion. Vidaplate chromium carbide overlay plate reduces wear in these areas. Its fine grain nodular carbides have extremely high wear resistance and offer superior cost effectiveness over other forms of wear protection. It can be used simply as liner plates, or because of its mild steel base, can be used as structural material to make the complete item.

Grade Specifications

Vidaplate base material is structural grade steel plate equivalent to ASTM – A36.

Overlay Material

Vidaplate overlay material consists of a hypereutectic iron based chromium carbide alloy.






WearPro Wear Products supplies all sorts of hardfacing including tungsten carbide chip hardfacing.


Hardfacing top of Rock Quarry Grouser Screen

Grouser screen Hardfacing

Tungsten Chip Hardfacing
to Grader Blades


Hardfacing of 4” Drag Chains

Tungsten Chip Hardfacing to Drag Shackle




Due to the structural abilities of our product we are able to use wear plate wherever possible on our products to extend their service life. We also hardface all areas of extreme abrasion for example on drilling equipment.

WearPro Wear Products manufactures a range of drilling heads and reamers to suit customers requirements.




2720 A/T Drill Bit



Sand Reamer



Beavertail Backreamer